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Importance of Child Care Centers in the Growth and Development of a Child

Choosing a child care center is one of the most important decisions that parents have to make. The experiences a child has at the center will have long-term effects on his growth and development.
In a paper titled, ‘Who’s caring for our youngest children?’ authors Deborah Phillips and Gina Adams write: “One of the most consistent findings in developmental research links the quality of care that young children receive to their well-being, developing skills and subsequent adjustment.”

The paper talks about the defining features of caregivers that are essential to have a positive impact on a child’s life. It highlights the point that: “Beneficial child outcomes are most likely when caregivers are responsive, warm, and sensitive to the children and surround them with rich language. Therefore, benefits are associated with the features of care that foster those interactions, such as small ratios of children to adults, as well as qualified and stable child care providers.”

So, how can parents and child care centers make sure that the caregivers are meeting the highest standards of service? A simple solution, for administrators of a center, can be choosing the right childcare management software. It can help a child care center provide the perfect environment for growth and learning. With features like easy scheduling, program and class management, instant chat or messaging with parents and teachers and journaling tools – child care centers can meet the standards that researchers deem fit for child development.

Well-designed childcare management software tools, to assist with the management of a child care center, can help with:

– Meeting standards of child to teacher ratio

– Sharing and messaging tools can help foster parent-teacher engagement that benefits children

– Journaling tools can help parents stay involved in the daily activities of their child and monitor progress

– Effective, hassle-free management can leave more time in the hands of administrators to concentrate on children.

In the paper, the authors point out the fact that “researchers who study variation in the quality of child care now focus on the interactions that transpire moment by moment between child care providers and the children in their care. Does the caregiver respond quickly to the child’s bids for attention or are they frequently ignored? Does she talk and read to the child a lot or just a little? Does she engage the child in age-appropriate activities and foster supportive friendships? Is she warm and affectionate or distant and harsh? Is she patient or easily overwhelmed by frustration?”

A child care center managed using the right childcare management software can easily help a parent and administrator get actionable answers to the above questions. Armed with the right information all stakeholders can work collectively to provide quality child care.

Simplify Finances with Minimal Effort Using iCare Childcare Management Software.

Some of the most common problems faced by child care providers include: complicated billing, not being able to collect money on time and wrong billing leading to loss of revenue. The task of managing a childcare center can be overwhelming for even the most organized people, and it can become burdensome to keep up with the complications of the center’s finances.

Troubleshooting Finance:

The iCare childcare management software has used two decades of experience in the childcare management software industry to design a product that can handle a center’s finances with minimal effort.

Issues like: not being able to collect money on time causing lost money and customers, not being able to bill all offered programs fully, and inefficient record-keeping leading to licensing troubles will all become a thing of the past with the iCare childcare management software.

You can offer flexible scheduling to parents, manage the billing and money collection cycles and keep records of all transactions for your reference without a worry. The simple to use Accounting module of the iCare childcare management software will let you bill, add charges, make payments and notify about payments in few simple steps. The records of these transactions will stay with you and you can stay on top of your center’s financial health using the reports generated by the software.

Unburden with iCare:

Using the iCare childcare management software you will be able to tremendously reduce office work and became more profitable. In its two decades of assisting child care and early education providers iCare has greatly reduced outstanding balances and eliminated bad debt at the centers it has been used in. With the features built into the childcare software the center will eliminate late payments or miss out on a payment due to human error.

You can also enjoy savings when you use Direct Deposit, iCare’s secure automated recurring payments process, to collect all fees on time and accurately. It helps you save money and reduce your credit card or ACH processing cost. It is the most cost effective payment process as compared to all major processors like Square, PayPal and Apple Pay.

It is vital to manage your money smartly as it can be a center’s make or break.